Additions Home Baking Mixed Choc Curls

Mixed Choc Curls

Mixed Choc Curls offer a light, they look great sprinkled on top of cakes, cheesecakes, mousses, chilled desserts, cupcakes and ice creams.

Shake onto

Whipped Cream, Ice Cream, Hot Drinks, Mousses, chilled desserts, Yogurt

Sprinkle onto

Butter Creams, Pastries, Hot & Chilled Desserts, Cupcakes, Chocolate

Stir through

Coolers and Shakes, Sauces & mousses and Chocolate

Packaging Format

The Additions Home Baking range is available in 80g shaker jars. The double sprinkle lid has free flow and limited flow options making it easy to tip and sprinkle.